10 Reasons To Have A Home Birth

  1. You are less likely to be induced or augmented at home. You can labour naturally in your own time, not against the clock.
  2. The home birth environment is safer – no nasty bugs like MRSA or other antibiotic-resistant bacteria and hopefully it’s not full of poorly people. The rate of postpartum infection in women who give birth in hospital is about 25%, compared to about 4% in home birth mothers (see the National Birthday Trust Fund study).
  3. It’s cheaper for NHS! A planned home birth costs £780, the average hospital stay cost £1,142 per woman.  Home birth is cheaper than hospital.
  4. Less chance of having a C-section or other interventions with a home birth. Active birth (keeping mobile in labour) makes for a more manageable labour. It’s much easier to move around at home.
  5. You won’t get sent home if you are not dilated enough, you’re already there! This also means you do not interrupt the flow of labour hormones, with car journeys to and from hospital.
  6. Home birth promotes a healthy balance of hormones Beta-endorphin and Adrenalin.  In the right birth environment a woman is more likely to produce the correct levels of endorphins and therefore be less likely to need medical intervention and will manage pain more effectively.
  7. If you want a waterbirth the pool will be available: it won’t be out of order, or someone else using it.
  8. Your older children can be part of the birth if you want. Pets can come too! In fact you can decide who you want to be present and will know at least one of the midwives attending your home birth.
  9. You don’t have to go anywhere, and your home is probably a lot more comfortable than a hospital room. Plus the food, ambiance, music is all much better at home
  10. 99% of women who have had a home birth would choose to have another. (Campbell, R. & Macfarlane, A. (1986, July). Place of delivery; a review. Brit. J Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 93 (7): 675–83.)
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