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Baby Led Weaning First Foods

I am writing this blog for Sophia and her Mummy who have just started baby led weaning, As you can see in the photo above she is enjoying discovering food! I hope this helps you and other Mummies who sometimes … Continue reading

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My Chocolate Placenta Truffles Recipe

280g of good-quality dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids of good quality dark chocolate per placenta. Chop 230g of the dark chocolate and tip into a large glass bowl. Place over a pan of water and melt. Then mix in about 1/4 … Continue reading

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Handmade Umbilical Cord Ties.

Earth Bound Baby embroidered cord ties are a comfortable, soft, gentle and safe alternative to the traditional obtrusive hard plastic hospital clamps used on your babies umbilical cord, making skin to skin and breastfeeding and more comfortable. These pretty cord … Continue reading

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It’s all a lie!

  Pregnancy Really Isn’t 40 Weeks It’s all a lie! Well, maybe not a lie, but it’s certainly not the truth. We have always heard that pregnancy is nine months. Then we get pregnant and we learn it’s 40 weeks. Really, … Continue reading

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