Placenta Practice cosmetics hold Product Safety Reports

Placenta Practice cosmetic products licensed.

Placenta Practice cosmetic products are licensed.

Placenta Practice cosmetic products are licensed and regulated. Having become the first company in the UK to be fully audited and authorised by the Environmental Health Office to offer Placenta Encapsulation Services, it was time to look toward having gaining our products licence. 
Placenta Practice are dedicated in providing the best possible Placenta Encapsulation Service in the UK. 
To improve the quality and safety of our placenta services it was imperative that we looked towards having our creams, balms and massage oil licensed and regulated. 
Placenta Practice handmake placenta Cream for Mother, Cream for Baby, Baby Bottom Balm, Balm for Mother and Baby and Mother Massage oil, with the added ingredient of your own unique placenta infusion.  
All 5 of our products are now officially licensed, making Placenta Practice the first Company in the UK to be legally able to sell our products. 
All Placenta Practice cosmetics hold Product Safety Reports (Safety Assessments) in compliance with European Union regulation 1223/2009, giving you the reassurance that are products are safe to use on delicate newborn skin.
Our creams and balms are all natural, using the highest grade organic ingredients. Every single one of our products is individually handmade, no base formulas are made which contain nasties, and Placenta Practice unique formulas mean they are safe to use from birth.
Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 (Article 13) states that all cosmetic products that will be placed on the market in the European Union need to be registered into Cosmetic Products Notifications Portal (CPNP) Placenta Practice have the seal of approval after many months of hard work!
Our cosmetics products are soon to be awarded the Leaping Bunny certification. Giving our clients and customers the reassurance that our cosmetic products are cruelty free and totally against animal testing. 
Having this cruelty free status is especially important to Placenta Practice are our cosmetics will also be sold to women who are not having their placenta encapsulated, but whom are looking for natural, organic and safe to use from birth on babies delicate newborn skin 
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