Christening Invitation

As a birth doula there is nothing more rewarding and humbling than welcoming a newborn baby into the world, it is truly wonderful life event and I feel very privileged to be supporting families at this special time. The joy that a family experiences, and the great triumph of childbirth and motherhood, is an amazing thing. So it means the world to me and my birth doula clients when I am invited and accept a Christening invitation.

Christenings are very popular since the Royal couple Kate and William had their adorable baby Prince George Christened last year, and this month my best friends baby Isadora is being Christened.

I really love these occasions, however I always have one problem, and that is what to buy as a gift, it takes me ages to find the right gift for the right friend and so this year I am super organised. I have found this unique and luxurious presents for Isadora. A cosy cashmere baby shawl in white by the English Company G H Hurt & Son I can imagine this present being handed down through the generations so it’s a great idea for a gift that will keep on giving. The perfect gift for the perfect baby

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