Deliciously Ella

Most people this time of year think about detoxing and clean living. After gorging on Quality Streets and all the other naughty foods over Christmas and New Year its time think and eat healthy.

I don’t always think it’s best to go on the world’s strictest diet. I have been cutting out certain foods. However, if you are feeling strong this January you can totally cut out the following from your diet. No sugar, no diary, no yeast, no alcohol, no gluten and no fruit.  Basically nothing remotely enjoyable!

Take a peak at this website Deliciously Ella. I am well and truly hooked on Ella Woodward and have been following her recipes and it’s working wonders for my skin and energy levels. A great kick start if you are trying  to conceive for a baby.

 Try this raw brown recipe of Ella’s, you’ll be totally hooked.

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