Emergency Nanny

An emergency nanny is a unique solution to provide the back up parents need at times when usual childcare is unavailable. Finding a reliable emergency nanny at short notice can be next to impossible. Perhaps your regular nanny is sick or on her an-nual holidays, whatever the reason all parents have experienced a time when they have needed cover.

As an emergency nanny I am available at short notice and take over the care of your children at the home. Having worked for many families to provide cover over the years, I am used to adapting to a new environments and situations. I am a highly qualified and experienced nanny and understand it might be an unsettling time for the children. I work hard to do all I can to make this temporary arrangement as easy as possible for you and the children.

I have over 22 years of working with babies and children. I have a wealth of knowledge and skills that help when an emergency nanny is required. Being a birth doula I am very used to being called upon with only a few hours notice. I am able to adapt easily to your childcare routine and will settle into your family routine very quickly, it is this skill which enables me to quickly gain the babies and children’s friendship keeping the family calm.

Should you require to book me as your emergency nanny please do call me on 07515123124