Holiday Nanny

As a holiday nanny I am there to provide high quality care during school holidays when you need some extra childcare help. My Holiday Nanny Service is very popular with families during the Easter holidays and most particularly the Summer holidays when parents struggling to organise flexible childcare during the long school holiday. Having a holiday nanny is particularly useful for working parents and those who have family that don’t live near by.

As a professional Holiday Nanny I offer a unique solution to your holiday nanny problem by giving you complete peace of mind and enable children to enjoy being their Summer holiday in the comfort of thier own home.

Having a holiday nanny means that you don’t have to worry about looking into Summer holiday camps, your children will be able to go on trips to the farm, zoo or to the local park where they can play all day and have picnics. They will be able to play in the garden at home and have warm cooked meals and have naps if they need to. The can play with their own toys and paint and draw and do all the fun things they like doing at the weekends.

As a Holiday Nanny I am able to help for the whole holiday, or for a shorter period of the holidays. The hours that I work are on a full time basis with a minimum booking of 5 days. I can be very flexible regarding my times but have a minimum of 6 hours a day. I am also able to do overnight stays if necessary and can start early or stay late. As your holiday nanny I will work with you and your family to ensure that you all enjoy the Summer holidays and have fun.