Positive Birth Affirmations


Positive Birth Affirmations

Positive Birth Affirmations

When I first became a birth doula almost 10 years ago, positive birth affirmations were very rarely used by my birth doula clients. Over the years hyonobirthing course have become extremely popular, in-fact so popular that almost all my clients now do a hypnobirthing course such as KG Hypnobirthing  http://www.kghypnobirthing.com/parents-courses/kg-hypnobirthing-makes-a-difference-to-birth-for-you-and-for-your-baby.html or The Mongan Method http://www.hypnobirthing.com or The Wise Hippo http://www.thewisehippo.comMost courses have a fear release component and one tool they use are the positive birth affirmations. The positive birth affirmations forms part of any hyonobirthing course.

There are lost of positive birth affirmations you can say, but I find the shorter ones that rhyme work best, as they are easier to remember. It is very much a case of reading through them and seeing which ones you warm to and those that you can imagine saying during labour. It’s a nice idea to print off your positive birth affirmations and blue tac them around the room when you are in labour. They really help you draw energy and her you focus.

By repeating your positive birth affirmations daily they empower you, relax you, and reduce anxiety. It is important to practice them weeks in advance. Some of my clients start in the second trimester of pregnancy . Your positive birth affirmation will be embedded in your subconscious mind and you will find those words when you most need them during labour. Thinking positive thoughts during labour to birth will really help you

Here are a few birth affirmations that I like. Have a read through them and see which ones you could feel yourself saying during your labour. Happy birthing!

My birth is a beautiful love story between my husband, our baby and me

relax, breath, open

I have the power to do this

I flow with abundant strength and energy

Good strong contractions help my baby into the world

I am open to the energy of birth

Birth comes easily to me

My mind is relaxed, my body is relaxed

My mind is calm and focused my body is deeply relaxed

I surrender to the power of my body

My body opens gently and easily as my baby eases out

I love my body

I am focused on a smooth easy birth

I see my breath as energy for my body

Every breath I take is making me more and more relaxed

I feel my body sway with relaxation

With each painless rhythmic surge, my body brings my baby closer to me

I am fearless

I can do this, I am doing this

I choose to breath in relaxation and breath out stress

My cervix opens easily and effortlessly

As my labour advances I move to my relaxed place

As my labour progresses, I follow my bodies lead

As my cervix opens more and more, I fall deeper into relaxation

I relax and let it go

I surrender completely to my labour.

I trust my body to be in control of my birth

I am making progress with every surge

My body works effectively and the pace my body chooses

I acknowledge my fear every time I feel it and I let that fear go

My body is so strong

I let go and relax completely

I trust my body and my baby

Labour cannot be stronger than me because it IS me

My body knows how to birth my baby, I listen to the messages

My baby knows how to be born. I listen for my babies guiding voice

I free my mind from negative thoughts

I am grounded, I am strong

I allow the rhythm of life to flow through me

During each surge, I allow my body to slip effortlessly into deep relaxation

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