Remedies and Lotions

There are many ways to consume the placenta after birth all equally beneficial to new mother. You can personalise your placenta remedies and lotions in the way you choose, perhaps you would like placenta creams, placenta balms, placenta tincture, placenta essence or a placenta homeopathic remedy. Placenta remedies and lotions such as the placenta essence, placenta tincture, placenta balms, placenta creams and placenta homeopathic are made using only a small piece of placenta; each placenta remedy and lotion has their own benefit for you and your baby so its a good idea to read through all remedies and lotions to ensure you make the most out of your placenta.

The most modern non-invasive way to consume the placenta is capsule, known as placenta encapsulation. Preparing your placenta into easy-to-take placenta pills is a simple way to ensure postnatal health and vitality after you have your baby. Your placenta is unique and the perfect nourishment for your healing and rejuvenation after birth. Your placenta contains one of the highest concentrations of essential hormones, iron, B vitamins and micro-nutrients found in any plant or animal species. For this reason placenta remedies and lotions may be of a great benefit to you and your baby. If you would like your placenta to support you during your menopause its a very good idea to order the Placenta Tincture remedy.

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Placenta Capsules

There are two methods for preparing the placenta for encapsulation: the first is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) placenta method , the second is the simple placenta method. I personally recommend both placenta methods (combined placenta capsules) of placenta encapsulation as each have different properties and are used differently. The majority of my clients book the combination placenta pills as this gives them the benefit of both placenta capsules. It is a good idea to have TCM placenta capsules and simple placenta capsules as the TCM placenta capsules can not be taken at time of sickness, flu or mastitis. this would be when you would swap to consuming the simple placenta capsules Some clients are clearly drawn to one method of placenta preparation than the other and its all a matter of personal preference. Everyone is different and experience the effects in different ways, which is why is a great idea to have both as you can alternate between the two capsules depending on how you are feeling.

Each placentas hormone and mineral make up is completely unique to you and your baby. It contains your own natural hormones which is made perfectly for you which cannot compare with any over the counter supplement or pill, this is why placenta encapsulation (capsules, pills or tablets) are so unique. The placenta remedies and lotions may also help with post birth healing. Here are some testimonials from clients that have had their placenta made into placenta remedies and lotions.

“Totally amazing! Everyone should have their placenta made into placenta pills!”

“I can honestly say that placenta encapsulation is the best baby investments I have made.”

“After taking my placenta capsules I felt strong, strangely energised, mentally alert and had no issues breastfeeding.”

“Placenta capsules helped with my mood and iron levels as I lost a great deal of blood.”

“Traditional Chinese Medicine placenta capsules were like magic energy supplements, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel tired in first few weeks.”

“Since having my placenta made into placenta remedies and lotions I have not suffered with postnatal depression as I did with my other two children.”

“Every time I took a placenta capsule my mood noticeably lifted and I felt able to cope much better.”

“I am so glad that I decided to have my placenta encapsulated and made into placenta remedies and lotions. I would recommend you highly to anyone else interested in encapsulation.”

“I’m sure the placenta tablets are responsible for completely changing my breastfeeding experience into an incredibly positive one!”

“I suffered with depression pre-pregnancy, having the placenta tablets definitely made a big difference to me.”

“On taking a placenta capsule I had an instant energy boost and haven’t had any emotional lows at all. I feel calm and content.”

“I found my placenta capsules magical. I have recovered from birth very quickly and would recommend placenta encapsulation to all pregnant mother-to-be.”

“The placenta pills helped me recover from the birth very quickly, my baby was 9 pounds and I had a third degree tear. My midwife was so surprised to see me up and about and full of beans.”

“The placenta cream has worked wonders on my two year old daughters eczema.  I also feel secure knowing that I have the placenta tincture for life should I need it.”

“Very soon after taking the placenta pills my milk came and has been amazing since. I am so happy I encapsulated my placenta and had them made into placenta pills.”

“I had my placenta made in to placenta remedies and lotions and have used all of them. I am so happy that I had my placenta made into remedies and lotions.

“My energy levels have been incredible since taking my placenta capsules despite all the worry and the sleepless nights and my milk production, even for feeding twins has been incredible. I have a freezer full of excess milk, even the doctors are amazed at how good my milk has been. I was also back to my pre-pregnancy weight within a matter of weeks.”



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) placenta capsules

The placenta is gently rinsed, prepared and steamed adding organic fresh warming herbs according to Chinese Medicine, which intended to help warm and energize you, destroy bacteria and preserve the placenta. After steaming the placenta over the herbs the placenta is sliced into strips, dehydrated and finely ground and put into vegetarian capsules. TCM placenta capsules give you a steady dose of hormones and nutrients. It is particularly good at stabilising emotions for those who have previously suffered depression or the baby blues.

TCM placenta capsules are thought to have more healing and warming properties than simple placenta capsules. The Traditional placenta capsules can be taken twice, three times a day to balance your hormones. TCM placenta capsules are stored in a jar for up to a year. If you would like a remedy that will help you through your menopause Placenta Tincture is the remedy for you. There will not be enough TCM placenta capsules to support you during your menopause. You can also make placenta essence, placenta homeopathic remedy and placenta balms from any TCM placenta capsules you have left over or decide to keep. The average amount of capsules from a placenta delivered at 40-42 weeks gestation is 140.

Simple placenta capsules

When processing a simple placenta  I simply skip the steaming process. It is thought that simple capsules contain a higher hormone content than the TCM placenta capsules, as the steaming process may destroy enzymes and diminishes the placentas nutritional value. It is said that simple placenta capsules are more energizing, however there is currently no research to suggest this is true. In preparing a simple method placenta the placenta is gently rinsed, prepared, dehydrated and finely ground and put into vegetarian capsules. It is very important that simple placenta capsules are consumed within 12 weeks. Simple placenta capsules are not to be kept.  The average amount of simple placenta capsules from a placenta delivered at 40-42 weeks gestation is 180.


Please take note that despite my best efforts for handling and processing your placenta, the simple placenta method does NOT guarantee destruction of bacteria. By choosing the simple placenta preparation, you are accepting responsibility for any possible negative outcome as a result of consuming a placenta not exposed to higher temperatures.

Combined placenta capsules

I personally reccommend the combined placenta capsules to all my placenta encapsulation clients. The placenta can be divided in half. One half is prepared into Simple placenta pills and the other half of the placenta is made into TCM placenta pills. This will provide mothers with a much wider range of differing benefits. I would strongly recommend this method of placenta encapsulation as you have the best of both worlds. The average amount of capsules from a placenta delivered at 40-42 weeks gestation is 80 Simple placenta capsules and 80 Traditional Chinese Medicine placenta capsules.

Placenta tincture

Placenta tincture is a very potent remedy and a firm favorite with all my clients due to it healing properties, versatility and ease of use. Making a placenta tincture is another way to stretch out its longevity. Placenta tincture works very well with the combination placenta capsules. Placenta tincture can be used in addition to your capsules which have different healing properties. Placenta tincture is also good to use after you have finished your placenta capsules and you are worried about finishing all your placenta capsules. Placenta tincture should only be used by the mother. However placenta tincture is a great remedy to have if you have a baby girl. This is because the placenta tincture remedy will offer all the support listed below when they go through puberty. Placenta tincture is made with 40% proof high quality alcohol. The final product is ready 8-10 weeks later. Placenta tincture lasts indefinitely when kept in a cool dark place.

Placenta tincture may:

  • great for returning menstrual cycles
  • regulating menstrual cycles
  • help naturally replace hormones during menopause
  • balance your hormones during monthly PMS
  • help prevent hot flushes, palpitations and mood swings
  • help prevent postnatal depression
  • ease anxiety and emotional distress
  • help your daughters transition into puberty
  • offer future PMS support for your baby girl

Homeopathic placenta remedy

Two Homeopathic placenta remedy, one for mother and one for baby. Placenta Homeopathic remedy is a constitutional remedy for yourself and your baby. Your remedy is made up from your unique shared placenta which contains those all important stem cells which provide an individualized boost to you and your babies immune system. Homeopathic placenta remedies may have the ability to treat conditions where other treatments may have failed to respond effectively to an illness. To make a homeopathic placenta remedy your placenta tincture goes through a repeated process of diluting and succussing, until all that remains is the constitutional remedy which contains your babies blueprint. Homeopathic placenta remedy will keep indefinitely. You are able to order different strengths from me for when your baby gets older.

Homeopathic placenta remedy for the mother:


In my experience and from the placenta remedies and lotions feedback I receive from my clients the placenta remedy may help the mother by improving symptoms of emotional stress, mental weakness, postnatal depression, separation anxiety, sorrow and hormone imbalance, such as when your period returns or when weaning your baby off the breast. The homeopathic placenta remedy may also help in the future with emotional symptoms. You get about 200 lactose pilules with a potency of 30C. These are taken when symptoms are noticed. Take one pilule when symptoms are noticed and continue one pilule every 20 minutes until symptoms subside.

Homeopathic placenta remedy for the baby:

Homeopathic placenta remedy can be used for many constitutional or unusual ailments, throughout your babies entire life. This remedy may promote you baby/child’s general health, boost immunity and strengthen your child. It can also be taken in times of stress, fussiness, separation anxiety, potty training, first day of school, moving and during times of growth such as crawling, walking and weaning. Placenta homeopathic remedy has been especially helpful with babies who have colic. It may be given twice a day for a child who looks run down, pale, or their appetite needs to be stimulated. If your child seems to be developing an illness like a cold, runny nose, cough or virus you can give them four tablets a day. In later life the placenta homeopathic remedy can be especially beneficial for females beginning menstruation, pregnancy, new mother, breastfeeding and menopause. For male or female the homeopathic remedy may be used during times of change like starting college, career change and such other circumstances. About 200 lactose pilules are made with a potency of 7C. The pilules are given when symptoms are noticed and continue one pilule every 20 minutes until symptoms subside. The pilules can be dissolve easily in a teaspoon of boiling water and left to cool. You can then give this mixture to your baby.

Placenta essence

Making a placenta essence from your placenta is a very similar process to making a flower essence. A section of raw placenta is tinctured in 40% proof alcohol and then diluted. It goes through a process to create a bottle of long-lasting, immune boosting, pure placenta mother essence with a variety of uses. It is extremely helpful when your baby is unsettled, unwell or irritable. Placenta essences can be used if baby is suffering from colic and i have had many of my clients who have had their placenta made into placenta essence say that it is amazingly beneficial to a colicky baby. Placenta essence can also be used rest of the family. Placenta essence can be used like a rescue remedy which is why placenta essence is very popular. Placenta essence for adults can be taken by adding a few drops in some water when you feeling like you need a lift, placenta essence really is very powerful. For a baby or a child I recommend a drop into cool boiled water when they are under the weather.  Placenta essence is an excellent all round healer. Placenta essence can last a lifetime when kept in a cool dark place, which is why this placenta remedy is very popular.


Tip:Placenta essence is an amazing placenta remedy for your baby. You baby will be able to benefit from their own placenta. I have had lost of positive feedback from clients to say that it has been amazing when their baby has suffered from colic or teething problems.

Placenta essence may:

  • help when baby is unsettled, irritable and unwell
  • ease and offer comfort to babies with colic
  • give energy and strength when poorly
  • support immune function
  • help with teething pain
  • boosts babies immune system
  • help when weaning baby from breastfeeding
  • help with separation anxiety

Placenta creams for mother and placenta cream for baby

The placenta is widely known to have healing, therapeutic and restorative qualities for the skin. The placenta has been a key ingredient in expensive healing and beauty creams and balms for many years. Many eye-creams and anti-aging serums use human or sheep placenta extract for its skin restorative qualities, Olay being one company. The stem cells and other nutrients in the placenta produce a cream specifically made by you allowing the healing properties for stretch marks and a fabulous face cream for reviving those tired eyes and reducing wrinkles. Placenta cream will retain its healing properties for up to 12 months if kept refrigerated.

Placenta cream for mother and placenta cream for baby may

  • Placenta cream for mother may:
  • reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • help regenerate damaged skin cells
  • reduce pigmentation and diminish the appearance of age spots
  • restore the smoothness and softness to the skin
  • hydrate and moisturise the skin
  • increase collagen levels
  • Placenta cream for baby may:
  • soothe and heal neonatal acne (‘baby acne’)
  • help with dry skin and dry scaly patches
  • rehydrate dry newborn skin
  • keep your babys skin soft and smooth
  • reduce skin inflammation from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • soothe and heal irritated skin

Placenta balms for mother and baby

This organic placenta balms is made from beeswax from my very own bees in April Wood, Hampshire, lavender essential oil and calendal oil. Calendula is a very soothing gentle herb which contains oil soluble components such as carotenoids and sterols that are especially good at stimulating wound healing and prevent infection. It can also be used as a general skin moisturiser. It is super healing, all natural, triple antibiotic ointment! Placenta balm is a must have for any medicine cabinet. Placenta balms will retain its healing properties for up to 12 months if kept refrigerated.

Placenta balm for mother and baby may:

  • heal and soothe nappy rash
  • reduce the appearance of c-section scaring
  • help soothe and heal cradle cap
  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • heal haemorrhoids
  • heal perennial tearing
  • reduce skin inflammation
  • relieves pain and itchiness

Organic fruit placenta smoothie

Having a fruit smoothie with a walnut size piece of raw placenta added gives the mother a great revitalising energy boost. Packed full of your own uniquely designed healing nutrients, stem cells, growth factors, iron and essential hormones it satisfies post-birth thirst and hunger while providing the immediate benefits of the placenta, and made from organic strawberries and raspberries and fresh orange juice this vitamin rich placenta smoothie tastes no different to any regular placenta-free smoothie. I promise you! I would strongly recommended you have a placenta smoothie if you are having a planned caesarean section, as this will help your recovery and aid healing. If you have had a long labour, or blood loss I would also strongly advice having the placenta smoothie as new mothers have reported having a placenta smoothie almost immediate after birth reduced bleeding. Placenta smoothies have also been reported to spike energy levels and bring in breast milk much sooner than predicted. Organic fruit placenta smoothies cannot be made if there is meconium present at birth.

Organic fruit placenta smoothie may:

  • support lactation
  • immediately replenish vitamins, nutrients, hormones and iron
  • prevent haemorrhaging
  • boost your immune system
  • significantly reduced postnatal bleeding
  • help establish an early and healthy milk supply
  • stimulate the healing of the uterus
  • replenish B vitamins and increase energy

Tip: I strongly recommend you have your placenta encapsulated even if you don’t think you will use the placenta pills or are not quite sure about placenta encapsulation. It is good idea to have the choice should you suffer with postnatal depression or you need to increase your breast milk production.
Disclaimer: Any advice or information provided by myself regarding Placenta Encapsulation or placenta remedies and lotions is based on experience, research, documentation and client testimonials from mothers who have used placenta capsules for their post-partum recovery. I am not a medical body and do not claim to treat, cure or relieve any symptoms in pregnancy, birth or post-birth. I always advises you seek advice from your GP or midwife if you have any problems with your pregnancy, birth or post-birth recovery. Families who choose to utilise my advisory services take full responsibility of their own health and for researching and using the remedies provided by my service.