Postnatal doula

What does a Postnatal Doula do?

With the help of a postnatal doula, a mother can enjoy some of the benefits of a prolonged “lying in” period. The weeks following the birth of your baby can be an overwhelming time. My aim is to create a relaxing and calm environment for you to enjoy your baby and I can help you to adjust to family life. As your postnatal doula I offer practical and emotional support following the birth of baby. I aim to create a warm, safe emotional and physical space so that you have enough time and energy to get to know your baby.

Having a postnatal doula can help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere which can have a positive effect on the baby and also lowers the incidence of postnatal depression. I will encourage you to gain confidence enabling you to experience, develop and trust your own
unique mother’s instinct.

I will be there to support you both mentally and physically. I am there to listen and talk
about any concerns you may have about your experience of the birth and early
mothering or anything else that worries, interest or inspires you.

What a Postnatal Doula can do for you and your family

My role as a Postnatal Doula is to support you and your partner in the early days as new parents. My service varies depending on where you as a family feel you require support.

As your Postnatal Doula I will be able to relieve some of the pressure by helping you move into your new mothering role. I will ensure that you feel nurtured and cared for, as well as making sure you eat well and get enough sleep and rest.

I can offer practical advice on caring for your newborn and support you generally in caring for your baby’s physical needs like helping you at bath time, nappy changing and advice on calming techniques. I will help you develop strategies and skills that will improve your ability to bond with and take care of your baby. I can help get you off to a positive start with breastfeeding techniques and tips or help you with bottle feeding. I can discuss any general concerns you may have and give guidance and suggestions if and when needed.

I can help with light housework, care for your newborn or spend time with your older child while you bond with your newborn. I can also help maintain your older child’s daily routine, whether this be doing the school run or helping with homework. I can run errands, shop for and prepare food, ensuring that everyone in the household is well fed. My focus is not solely on the baby, but on supporting you and your family.