My role as a Nanny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which children can thrive and develop. I provide a high quality flexible services suitable for whatever your needs may be. My services include Proxy Parent, Event and Wedding Nanny, Temporary and Holiday Nanny and Emergency care. I have numerous qualifications and have a wealth of knowledge and experience from newborn babies through to teenagers. I have have cared for many babies and children over the last 22 years. I have worked in private and state nurseries, playgroups, private schools and after school clubs. I have also worked as a nanny and cared for older teenage children. In one of my nanny positions I had to care for 6 children from the ages of 2 years until 14 years. After school was fun as there could be unto 10 children at one time, so I certainly have the nanny skills. I have also been a maternity nurse for a few years and quickly moved to becoming a postnatal doula which naturally lead me to being a birth doula.

My childcare career has naturally progressed. I love that I have so many skills, which is why I enjoy working with babies and children. I particularly enjoy my nanny positions, even though sometimes I may only ever see the children once, but thats what makes begin a nanny so special. I am there for the children and the parents in an important nanny role. Very often my relationship with the babies and children grows so quickly that by the end of the day it seems as though I have been with the family for a while.

My general responsibilities include the following.

  • Caring for the children in a physical capacity
  • Providing stimulating activities for the children to development
  • Liaising with parents and informing parents on all aspects of the care their children
  • Cooking healthy, well balanced and nutritious meals
  • Cleaning and tidying the nursery, bedroom and playroom
  • Cleaning and laundering the childrens clothes and toys
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment relating to the care of the children
  • knowledgable in equipment related to the care of the children e.g. buggies
  • Packing appropriate clothing and toys for holidays
  • Taking children on out of home activities such as the park
  • Taking children on age appropriate outings
  • Administering medicine(s) as per instructions when necessary