Temporary Nanny

A Temporary Nanny is a great solution for parents who need a nanny at short notice for holidays or other unforeseen events. It may be that you are looking for a permanent nanny and need a Temporary Nanny to fill the gap or perhaps you need Nanny cover for your existing nanny if she’s unwell or on holiday. Either way it is a great solution for parents who have changing work schedules and for other unforeseen events.

A Temporary Nanny allows you to choose when you need your childcare cover, whether it is for a day, week, month or more. My Temporary Nanny service also allows you to secure Temporary Nanny cover in advance, when you know about the short fall in your childcare arrangements.

Due to the diversity and large number of Nanny positions I have held over the years, I have varied and extensive experience which gives families peace of mind. I particularly love my temporary nanny positions as I enjoy being able to quickly grow my relationship with the children. With 22 years working in childcare I am able to hone in on the children’s likes and dislikes, what they enjoy doing. This is one of the fun parts of being a temporary nanny.

I am have be a temporary nanny for a day, and I have also been a nanny for 14 weeks. Sometimes I have lived in as a nanny, I really like to fit in with what you feel you need from your temporary nanny.

If you are looking for a temporary nanny please do call me on 07515123124 and I will be happy to chat to you about you nanny requirements.